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Matador Knife System 2-hour workshop – February 25, 2023

An Exclusive Introduction to the Matador Knife System.

A fully integratabtle knife system that flows in and out of western boxing and close quarter combatives. Open to anyone interested but ideal for those with some previous knife training wanting to train in a unique western oriented approach to the knife not founded on traditional Asian or Filipino Martial Arts. 

Online Students: This workshop is recommended for two training partners. Some of the drills and material shown will work best with a partner so we suggest you invite a friend and share the Registration cost.

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023

Time: 11am to 1pm EST

Where: Online via zoom OR In-Person in Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Register via Eventbrite:

Registering in advance is required for all participants.
Limited availability to those wishing to attend in-person.

Location address: 2890 West State Road 84 STE 113, Dania Beach, FL 33312


Topics & Tactics Covered:
Knife retention, deployment, counters and re-counters.
Grips, both true and false. 
Motion, hands apart and hands as one. 
Stances, both coiled and extended.
Footwork as levels and angles. 
The Lock as shield and sheath.
Close, middle and extended switches. 

Strategies & Concepts Covered:
Draws, Feints and False Leads.
Rhythm and tempo; breaking them on time. 
Directing anticipation and selling certainty.
Intention and Redirection. 
Cadence, pace and passes. 
Changing and reversing directions.
Alternating and inverting directions. 
The Wheel: axis, interior and exterior. 
The Lock & Wheel

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