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ISR Matrix CAT: Self-Defense & Counter Assault Tactics for Women

ISR Matrix CAT: Self-Defense & Counter Assault Tactics for Women 
Join us for this 4 hour introductory clinic!  Open to women ages 16 and up. IMG_2929

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DATE: Saturday, April 1, 2017

TIME: 10am to 2pm 

LOCATION: 20801 Johnson St, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

What is the ISR Matrix CAT and how does it address the self-protection and self-defense of women? ISR Matrix CAT is a personal protection system exclusively for women and its emphasis is on a full spectrum integrated methodology that imparts information, tactics and strategies while in an energetic pro-active and empowering environment. 

What to expect from this four hour clinic?
Participants should prepare for light to moderate physical activity and dress as if they were working out at a local gym. Because it is an introductory clinic, participants will have small breaks in-between technical portions and we will be integrating pertinent information along the way. Participants will learn to strike properly, escape basic grips and holds, and defend themselves standing and when grounded. This clinic is taught and coached in a fun manner and participants will leave with a much better understanding of both their current limitations, strengths and potential along with very useful information that can greatly improve their odds at surviving a threatening encounter if not avoiding it all together.

What will you actually be doing?
Participants will learn essential strikes, close quarter positioning, escapes, and tactics as well as how to deal with being grounded and getting back to your feet. Our mission is to provide information and real world functional training that will assist women to better protect themselves and their children.

Who are the instructors? This ISR Matrix CAT clinic will be taught by its creator, Luis Gutierrez along with local Police and Military veterans who are certified ISR Matrix Instructors.

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