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ISR Matrix CLUTCH Module – 2 Hour Seminar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

ISR Matrix CLUTCH Module – 2 Hour Seminar by Luis Gutierrez
DATE: March 7, 2020
TIME: 12pm to 2pm
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LOCATION: Embodied Awareness 4901 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, FL
• Various platforms of operation & positions to defend sucker punches
• Entries / Interceptors
• Use of grips / levers to destabilize an attacker
• Close Quarter Combatives (CQC)
• Introduction to close quarter impact weapons

GEAR: MMA and/or boxing gloves & mouthpiece.
Note: Training shoes only on the mat (boxing or wrestling) or bare feet.



ISR MATRIX P.O. BOX 841023 Pembroke Pines, FL 33084

ISR Matrix Winter Training Camp in Iceland – February 2020

ISR Matrix Winter Training Camp with Luis Gutierrez, CEO

Dates: February 4, 5, 6 and 7, 2020

Featured: ISR Matrix Clutch (Self-Defense & Personal Protection)
ISR Matrix EP – Executive Protection

Training Camp Curriculum: (Open to Civilians and LEO)
Clinch & Close Quarters fighting with and without weapons.
*Ground fighting with and without weapons.
*Executive Protection – The essential tactics and key elements of the profession.
*Team and partner tactics for professionals and self-defense alike.

Note: This will be the first time this material available to the public.

Training Location
ISR Matrix – Iceland
Dalsmari 9 – 11
110 Reykjavik, Iceland

ISR Matrix - CLUTCH Reno group 02

The course will involve light to moderate contact and consistent physical activity. That said, we will work within your capabilities and limitations to best achieve your training and learning goals.

Meal breaks
There will be several short meal breaks per day. Water breaks and rest breaks throughout the training sessions will be dependent on individual and group fitness levels and physical exertion.

Video and Photography
Video and photography is not permitted without prior approval.

Recommended Equipment / Gear list
*Comfortable training clothing. BDUs, t-shirts, cargo shorts, are all common.
*Disposable long sleeve t-shirt or BDU Jacket or martial arts jacket (gi) for grip and attachment work.
*Mouth guard & 14-16 OZ Boxing Gloves (no lightweight MMA gloves).
*Ample water bottles, training towels, several spare t-shirts (due to sweat). Fluids not allowed directly on mat.
*Wresting shoes or soft sole shoes that will not damage mats. Please only wear them in training area. Bring an extra pair of shoes to use before and after training.
*Small personal first aid kit containing tissues, band aids and antiseptic lotion to treat minor scratches.
*Sufficient snacks and hydrating fluids to last each day
**NO firearms, ammunition, knives, batons, OC or TASER unless by prior approval of course instructor.

Medical Declaration & Training Waiver
Participants will be required to complete a medical declaration/injury form and liability waiver prior to commencement of training.


ISR MATRIX International Headquarters
P.O. BOX 841023 Pembroke Pines, FL 33084

ISR Matrix CLUTCH – 3 Day Course for Civilians – June 2019

ISR Matrix Clutch – 3 Day Course for Civilians in Reno, Nevada

DATES: Wednesday, June 26th, Thursday, June 27th and Friday, June 28th, 2019

LOCATION: Momentum Martial Arts 920 Matley Ln STE 5  Reno, NV 89502

TIMES: 9am to 4:30pm

Twenty Four hours of exciting, challenging and rewarding training like no other. This training course will not be about traditional, modern, mixed or so called “reality based” martial arts. This training course will be the first of its kind and involve the civilian self-defense and protection system called the ISR Matrix Clutch which was built and developed from the company’s work with Counter-Terrorism Teams, Undercover Operatives, Federal Agents and Military Specialty teams from around the world.

Curriculum Content:
Close Quarter H2H Combatives (Standing)
Close Quarter H2H Combatives (Grounded)
Clinch with Cloth Combatives (Grips, tie ups and chokes))
Multiple Assailants (E&E)
Introduction to Saps & Jacks.
Sap & Jack Deployment & Use.
Introduction to Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Deployment & Use
Knife Deployment
Counter Knife
Defensive Knife
Improvised Weapons (edged, impact, flexible and loaded tools)
Clutch Integrative Drilling and Light Sparring (Not mandatory.)

Participants will be introduced to the full spectrum of what the ISR Matrix Clutch CQB system has to offer civilians seeking out real world personal defense and protection. Training will consist of 8 hour training days with breaks for lunch and progressively cover and integrate all hand to hand tactics and their transitions to tool use including dry fire drills.
All of those attending should bring the following items: Boxing gloves, MMA gloves, mouthpiece, a disposable hoodie, notebook and pen (phones, computers or tablets are not permitted) and comfortable gym wear for training.

Additional extra-curricular activities and events will be scheduled, such as laser tag tournament, go-cart racing, escape room challenge, Lake Tahoe water activities, for any and all who wish to participate.


ISR MATRIX P.O. BOX 841023 Pembroke Pines, FL 33084    http://isrmatrix.com/


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